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Families/Faculty/Staff of Color Social Mixers

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Many Schools, Common Value

The NWAIS-accredited schools of POCIS Seattle have distinct personalities, teach a variety of grade ranges and employ curricula and teaching methods that align with their missions. What we have in common, though, is a belief in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Join us in celebrating our growing community!


Simon Tam: Author, musician, and activist.

Simon Tam may be best known for winning a landmark case (Matal v. Tam) at the Supreme Court of the United States in 2017. His memoir, Slanted: How an Asian American Troublemaker Took on the Supreme Court, was named One of the Best Books on the Constitution of All Time by Book Authority and won an award for Best Autobiography/Memoir from the Independent Publisher Book Awards.

The New York Times, The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, NPR, and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah have featured Tam’s work in arts and activism. He is the founder and bassist of The Slants, one of the first all-Asian American dance rock bands in the world. Tam also co-founded The Slants Foundation, a nonprofit pushing the boundaries of what is possible for arts, activism, and civic engagement.

Keynoting thousands of events across four continents, he holds a world record for TEDx stage appearances and coaches numerous TED presenters. Tam regularly consults world leaders and major organizations on policies related to equity, diversity, and inclusion. In 2016, he joined President Barack Obama, George Takei, Jeremy Lin, and other celebrities in the #ActToChange campaign to fight bullying. Tam has worked with Jay Z, Killer Mike, and Chance the Rapper on legislative efforts to protect artistic expression.

Tam believes that apathy is not compatible with love. His passion for ideas that combine the arts and activism is evident in all of his work, from his music to his writing. He works to change the culture by transforming systems with an equity framework, all while holding down harmony and rhythm on the bass guitar.

Simon’s work is currently on display at the Sound Check Exhibit in Seattle’s Wing Luke Museum through September 2024.


Musical accompaniment will be provided by Joe X. Jiang, guitarist for The Slants.

Joe X Jiang is a musician, filmmaker, composer and activist. As a musician, Joe has written and produced multiple albums, toured internationally, directed music videos and music documentaries, and continues to develop new projects with collaborators across genres and geographic locations. As a director, editor and DP, Joe’s films have been featured at festivals around the world. From narratives to documentaries, Joe navigates his productions with creative storytelling guiding the way. In addition to being an artist, Joe is also the Vice Chair of the Slants Foundation, and provides mentorship, resources and tech support to multidisciplinary artists from communities who are traditionally marginalized.



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